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Opened in August 2014 and located in the New Bund area, Wellington College International Shanghai is a fully co-educational day and boarding school with over 950 pupils, aged 2 to 18 years old.  

Consistent with the ethos of its prestigious partner in the UK, the College seeks to develop the ‘Wellington Identity’ in every child. Wellingtonians are encouraged to be inspired, intellectual, independent, individual and inclusive. 

Boasting a state-of-the-art campus, Wellington has built a vibrant community where all pupils strive to reach academic excellence and engage in a comprehensive range of opportunities in music, performing arts and sports.

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Pre-Prep School (Pre-Nursery to Year 2)


Wellington Pre-Prep provides a stimulating, colourful and child-friendly surroundings for children to develop their own individual learning skills. In Early Years (Pre-Nursery to Reception), the children follow the English Early Years curriculum. It is a play-based approach, with teacher-directed tasks and daily phonics, maths, literacy, and Mandarin activities. Key Stage One (Years 1 and 2) follows the English National Curriculum as a basis for the core subjects, and the International Primary Curriculum for cross-curricular topic work. Children will also receive specialist teaching in Physical Education and Information and Communication Technology.

Prep School (Years 3-8)


Based on the National Curriculum of England and suitably enhanced to incorporate exciting elements from the International Primary Curriculum, the Wellington curriculum is rigorous and stretching, having been designed to meet the needs of each individual by giving a breadth of educational experience and an academic depth that prepares them for their move upwards. The curriculum is also coupled with an extensive and varied programme of co-curricular activities, encouraging all Wellingtonians to fulfil their potential.

Senior School (Year 9-11)


Building upon the solid foundation developed in Year 9, pupils work for IGCSE in average 10 subjects, selected from a wide variety of choices, in Years 10 and 11. In the Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13) all pupils study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The Senior School reflects our principal objective for all pupils is to inspire curiosity, creativity and compassion. In the Senior School we aim to enrich our pupils’ lives with an enjoyment and understanding of our global scientific, linguistic and cultural heritage, while also empowering them with the knowledge, skills and independence of mind to make them effective and responsible leaders of the future.

IB Diploma Programme (Years 12&13)


In the Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13) all pupils study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). This is the world’s premier university entrance qualification. The IBDP entails all sixth formers studying six subjects drawn from six groups, with three taken to the Higher Level. However, the IBDP is much more than a series of academic subjects. The unique features of CAS (Creativity, Action, Service), the extended essay and TOK (the theory of knowledge) ensure that pupils are fully aware of their community responsibilities, are encouraged to develop their research skills and become independent thinkers. The underlying philosophy is that pupils should share an academic experience which emphasises critical thinking, intercultural understanding and an exposure to a variety of viewpoints.

Mandarin Programme



Wellington’s Mandarin programme is a core subject in our curriculum all the way through the College. In all years, pupils are taught Mandarin by specialist teachers within similar level ability groups. The Mandarin department works across the school, with specialists for each different age and phase of child development. In addition to supporting a love of learning of the Chinese language, the Mandarin department also works outside the formal classroom learning, offering a wide variety of Chinese cultural activities as part of the daily CCA Programme as well as organising the spectacular Chinese New Year celebrations.

Wellbeing Programme


In 2006, Wellington College in the UK pioneered in introducing Wellbeing as a compulsory subject sitting alongside English, the sciences and maths as part of the core curriculum. The wellbeing curriculum equips pupils with the skills needed to get the best out of their relationships, health, work and play. The programme is also underpinned by the innovative discipline of positive psychology. Through critical thinking, pupils are able to gain a deeper understanding of their values, confidently determine what they would like out of life and become a person that they are truly proud to be.


Wellington College is a selective school which, in line with the unique Wellington Aptitudes and ethos of the College, aims to admit pupils with a wide range of skills and capabilities. This includes pupils who can demonstrate academic ability, an enthusiasm for arts, music, sports and service. Other important characteristics are: - an international outlook and a desire to be a global citizen of the future - a willingness to work hard with a positive attitude towards learning - a desire to develop all Wellington Aptitudes, to take full advantage of the opportunities on offer at Wellington and a commitment to making a positive contribution to the Wellington Community - an aspiration to fulfil and live by the Wellington Values of kindness, courage, respect, integrity and responsibility We encourage all families to visit the College in order to get a feel for life at Wellington. For children aged 7 or above, we recommend you book an individual appointment during school hours, while for children aged 6 and below, our regular Pre-Prep Open Mornings would be a great opportunity to meet our Head of Pre-Prep. Please contact us on +86-21 5185-3885 or by email at admissions.shanghai@wellingtoncollege.cn

Wellington Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) programme provides an exciting opportunity for Wellington pupils to explore new activities, cultivate new interests and develop a variety of skills. Within each school of the College, the activities are run for pupils across the range of year groups allowing our pupils to connect and make friends with children of different ages. From Year 3 onwards, CCAs form an integral and compulsory part of the school day. The annual tuition fees include participation in the CCA programme (save for a small number of activities for which there is a minimal charge).

The exhaustive list of the CCA programme at Wellington can be found at http://www.wellingtoncollege.cn/shanghai/school-life/co-curricular-activities-programme


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Wellington College Festival of Education – every October

Ed Fest (3)

The Wellington College Festival of Education aims to provide a unique opportunity to engage with fresh ideas about learning. The Festival welcomes members of the Shanghai and global community to join in the debate by listening to and discussing issues raised by lectures, engage with the innovative and thought-provoking workshop sessions, and consider out-of-the-box ideas.


Wellington College Arts Festival – every March

Arts Fest

Wellington Arts Festival celebrates the arts through a collection of workshops, talks, performances and productions, which are facilitated by the visit of renowned artists and experts, many from the UK.


Wellington Summer Festival – every May

School News 03 - Summer Festival

Led by a committee comprising Friends of Wellington (FOW) and staff, the annual Wellington Summer Festival is an amazing opportunity for the Wellington community to celebrate pupils’ creativity and to share the Wellington spirit in a relaxing environment.


WellingTEN Talks

School News 01 - WellingTEN

The WellingTEN Talks are a series of short ten-minute presentations and follow-up discussions involved school leaders reflecting on current issues in education.


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