Where to Enjoy Indian Cuisine During Diwali in Shanghai…or Any Time of Year!

Indian restaurants for you to indulge!

By Natalie Foxwell, Oct 19, 15:44

Where to Find Authentic Thai Food in Shanghai

Fantastic thai food and where to find them

By Frances Chen, Sep 29, 15:38

Where to Find Authentic Singaporean Food in Shanghai

Chicken Rice and Chili Crab, Nuff' Said!

By Frances Chen, Sep 21, 17:13

Where to Find Authentic Indonesian Food in Shanghai

It's...Indonesian cuisine time!

By Frances Chen, Sep 18, 12:05

Where to Find Authentic Malaysian Food in Shanghai

Come and have a bite!

By Frances Chen, Sep 12, 11:45

Family Friendly Restaurant: Cyclo

Vietnamese Cuisine for the Family

By Manaz Javaid, Sep 08, 14:55

Recipe: No-Bake Vegan Chocolate Cheesecakes

If there’s one thing our food-filled Instagram feeds taught us this year, it’s that veganism isn’t just for vegans anymore.

By Betty Richardson, Sep 06, 17:03

5 Tips for an Easy Bed to Breakfast Routine

Still worried about your kid's breakfast? Your saver is here!

By Hannah Zheng, Aug 28, 17:02

The 5 Most Innovative Mooncakes in Shanghai

Mid-Autumn Festival a.k.a. Mooncake Festival is coming...

By Yuzhou Hu, Aug 24, 10:43

Family Friendly Restaurant: Dim Sum Garden

Cantonese Cuisine for the Family

By Shirani Alfreds, Aug 17, 14:47

Interview: Lizzy’s All Natural Founder on the Benefits of Smoothies

Chop'em, Blend' em, Drink' em

By Frances Chen, Aug 11, 10:38

5 Places to Find Smoothies in Shanghai

It's...smoothie o' clock!!

By Frances Chen, Aug 09, 10:55

Recipe: Hummus

This hummus recipe is simpler than you think!

By Betty Richardson, Jul 04, 14:29

Wing it with TGI Fridays‘ Wings World Tour

TGI Fridays Wings World Tour Tasting.

By Frances Chen, May 27, 18:52

Recipe: Yakiniku Carrot & Shredded Chicken Salad

Juicy, Protein-packed and Delicious

By Betty Richardson, May 27, 13:24

Shanghai's Best Family-Friendly Al Fresco Restaurants

List of Al Fresco Family Friendly Restaurants for early summer.

By Betty Richardson, May 22, 11:39

WATCH: Raising Shanghai - Weicai Sushi

This week, Adalie visits Weicai Sushi to sample some scrumptious Japanese dishes.

By Urban Family, May 12, 17:39

The Mega Guide to Easter in Shanghai 2017

Egg-cellent options for all!

By Urban Family, Apr 11, 11:02

Recipe: Chocolate Dessert Cups

Blow up your imagination.

By Betty Richardson, Mar 23, 12:30

Family Friendly Restaurant: Garlic

Turkish for the whole family.

By Shirani Alfreds, Mar 10, 09:28

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