Shanghai Disney Resort Announces Toy Story Land Opening Date

To infinity and beyond!

By Natalie Foxwell, Dec 11, 17:30

Now Hiring: Editorial Interns

Want to work for China's number one English-language media company?

By Urban Family, Dec 11, 11:25

Shanghai Metro to Support Face-Scanning Payment and Voice-Recognition Ticketing

The days of IC cards may be numbered.

By Yuzhou Hu, Dec 08, 10:42

Plasticizers Detected in Shanghai McDonald's Youtiao

A rough year for McDonald's...

By Yuzhou Hu, Dec 06, 17:11

Phase 3 of Shanghai Metro Line 9 Opening Soon

One month to go.

By Yuzhou Hu, Dec 05, 17:48

UPDATE: IKEA Not Recalling Harmful Dressers in China

Is IKEA treating China differently?

By Yuzhou Hu, Dec 05, 10:24

Injuries Caused When Popular Colorful Balloons Explode

A danger to everyone!

By Yuzhou Hu, Dec 05, 09:28

New App Helping You Find Nearby Public Toilets in China

Where to go, when you need to go!

By Yuzhou Hu, Dec 01, 16:37

Shanghai Education Commission to Launch Inspections on All Kindergartens

Ensuring child safety in Shanghai.

By Yuzhou Hu, Nov 30, 16:03

IKEA’s Harmful Dressers Still on Sale in China

Recalled in America and Canada.

By Yuzhou Hu, Nov 28, 20:21

China in Desperate Need of Kindergarten Teachers

The supply of teachers cannot meet the demand!

By Yuzhou Hu, Nov 28, 15:14

Will Bluegogo's Downfall Change the Future of Shared Bikes in China?

How can bike sharing companies repay customer deposits?

By Justine Lopez, Nov 28, 12:04

Beijing Police Detain Female Teacher in Kindergarten Abuse Case

Police have detained a female teacher in connection with allegations of child abuse at a kindergarten in Chaoyang.

By That's Beijing, Nov 27, 14:31

Peppa Pig Theme Park Coming to Shanghai

Another wonderland for the kids!

By Yuzhou Hu, Nov 24, 16:07

Child Abuse Allegations at Kindergarten Shock China

Multiple parents claim their children, aged 2 to 6, were abused by teachers.

By Urban Family, Nov 24, 14:52

Alipay Now Finding Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Shanghai

Pet lovers, time to cheer up!

By Yuzhou Hu & Natalie Foxwell, Nov 24, 13:18

This Shared Bike Graveyard in China is a Work of Art

A hauntingly beautiful masterpiece.

By Bridget O'Donnell, Nov 22, 19:53

Pluto and Other Employees of Shanghai Disney Harassed by Tourists

Is it an amusement park or a fight club?

By Yuzhou Hu, Nov 22, 09:56

Tourists No Longer Allowed to Bring Food into Shanghai Disney

Do you agree with the new regulation?

By Yuzhou Hu, Nov 17, 15:23

Shanghai Metro Line 17 is Opening Very Soon

The world's longest Metro system just keeps growing.

By Urban Family, Nov 16, 11:33

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