Shanghai Disney Now Uses X-Ray Machines to Search Bags

By Justine Lopez, 2019-12-06 14:24:07

After months of controversy, including a lawsuit, Shanghai Disney Resort has been working hard to make security checks less intrusive and more friendly for guests. The resort has now set up two X-ray machines at the entrance to expedite the search process and make the experience more private, Shine reports. Previously, security staff physically searched each guest's bag for food and other banned items.

While the X-ray machines are a step in the right direction, guests will have to have their bags searched if asked by staff. The machines are currently being tested by the park and guest feedback is welcome. Expect additional X-ray machines to be incorporated in the coming months. 

To the outrage of many, the resort previously had a ban on all outside foods. Visitors' bags were thoroughly checked at the entrance. Those who did have food (and certain drinks) were forced to toss them in the garbage or store them in a locker before being allowed into the park. Shanghai Disney overturned the ban back in September.

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Earlier this year, a law student at East China University sued Shanghai Disney over their strict policy after she was forced to throw her snacks away before being allowed to enter the park. The lawsuit called for a reversal of the ban and gained considerable attention on social media.

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Along with the reversal of the food ban, the security team promised to devise a plan to make security checks less intrusive and more friendly.

The X-rays are another step in the right direction.