Innovative, Passion,Active “TALES OF PORTUGAL” brings Iconic Portuguese Products to Ruihong Tiandi, Hall of the Sun

By Urban Family, 2021-12-07 22:36:49

Pictured: "TALES OF PORTUGAL" theme market

On December 4th, 2021, "TALES OF PORTUGAL" theme market launches in central area of “FOODIE SOCIAL” 5th Floor of Hall of the Sun, RuiHong TianDi, this event was organized by The Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency/aicep Portugal Global. 11 Portuguese brands appeared in the market: bringing wine, olive oil, coffee, tissue paper, cork products and mineral water, which are the iconic industry in Portugal. Exhibitors were friendly and enthusiastic in introducing their products to the public, and the atmosphere was relaxed and cheerful.

Pictured: Ms. Jolin Jia, Product Manager, Portuguese National Tourism Board (Left); Mr. Tiago Brito, Tourism Director for P.R.China (2nd to Left); Mr. Israel Saraiva, Consul General of Portugal in Shanghai (Middle); Mr. Mário Quina, Consul for the Economic and Commercial Affairs, Director of aicep Portugal Global (2nd to Right) ; Mr. Francisco MalaTrade Officer (Right)

Pictured: Visitors learns about Portugal at VisitPortugal Booth

Pictured: KAOGE, Intangible heritage pure natural plant dyeing technology gives cork works gorgeous visual effects, rich textures, colors and decorations, creating a surprising artistic texture 

Pictured:GOA series, the most classic and highly recognizable series from Cutipol, which is a  well-known handmade cutlery with century history

Pictured: DANESITA biscuit and cookie from DanCake

Pictured: Oliveira Da Serra Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from Sovena, the largest olive oil producer in Portugal

Pictured: HEALSI, from Outeirinho Group, mineral water was founded by a family of doctors who are committed to finding a natural mineral water that is beneficial to human health. The diamond-shaped bottle design has been loved by fashion and fitness professionals since its inception

Pictured: Renova is a brand of paper goods designed and manufactured in Portugal, and welcomes designers, European design hotels and people of all trades to experience their brand

The event is supported by the Consulate General of Portugal in Shanghai and Visit Portugal, Portuguese National Tourism Board. Mr. Israel Saraiva, Consul General of Portugal in Shanghai, paid a visit and had a friendly exchange with exhibitors, as well as the local media. Mr. Israel Saraiva says, Christmas is approaching, it is appreciated to invite media and Chinese consumer to be close to Portuguese brands in this space full of happiness and festival atmosphere, and when he was asked why the market called “TALES OF PORTUGAL”, he shares, the name of “TALES OF PORTUGAL”is very romantic, consumer can feel the passion, romantic of Portugal during the event, and select a gift for coming Christmas and new year. Besides, TALES OF PORTUGAL is part of a wider on-going 6-month campaign which aims to promote the Portuguese F&B industry in China through a series of activities, and local KOLs will be invited to join this campaign and share Portuguese wine and food on their social media account, as well as offline events in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing.

Mr. Mário Quina, Consul for the Economic and Commercial Affairs, Director of aicep Portugal Global,shares that the purpose of organizing the “TALES OF PORTUGAL” this weekend is to present a broad range of different Portuguese products, not just F&B, but also fashion and homeware, and raise awareness of Portugal and its products among Shanghai’s consumers. Aicep Portugal Global is committed to support Portuguese brands to explore overseas markets. the Portuguese Consulate General in Shanghai and Aicep Portugal Global office keeps running during COVID-19, even in the first quarter of 2020, our office remains open as usual, fully support Portuguese companies and brands to seek more opportunities. The Portuguese F&B industry represented 3.9% of Portuguese GDP, in 2020. Also, the industry keeps getting traction internationally, growing from 5.4% of total national exports in 2000, to 9.3%, in 2020. Also, environmental protection and design are some of the key characteristics of Portuguese products. Portugal is an industry leader and the world’s main producer and exporter of cork material and is among the largest producers and exporters of pulp, paper, and cardboard in the world. Portugal pays great efforts to environmental protection and the quality of drinking water. Iconic Portuguese brands and products can be found in this market.

‘In the past two years, due to the impact of the COVID-19, the global tourism market has been greatly impacted. Under such a severe environment, VisitPortugal has opened new official accounts on social media such as Xiaohongshu, Mafengwo, Dianping, Bilibili, and of course, WeChat and Weibo, which we have been operating for a long time.” Mr. Tiago Brito, Tourism Director for P.R.China says, “The source of Chinese tourists is a very important strategic market for Portuguese National Tourism Board. In the past two years, we have also start a digital platform for our partner to obtain more detailed information about destinations in Portugal, which users can use on mobile and PC terminals. We will continue to participate in many international tourism expos in China and regularly visit partners in multiple cities. In terms of destinations, We have nearly 25,000 travel companies using the Safe&Clean seal. According to the highest health and sanitation agreement, they have upgraded their assets and services to minimize risks. At the event site today, we are delighted to find that, Chinese consumers have a strong desire to travel abroad, and we have enthusiastic exchanges with the guests. We are very confident and hope that Portugal will become one of the top destinations for Chinese tourists when outbound tourism resumes."

Pictured: Mr. Israel Saraiva, Consul General of Portugal in Shanghai, pays a visit to each booth, chatting with exhibitors friendly

It is reported that the theme fair of "TALES OF PORTUGAL Portugal" lasts for two days. If consumers miss the opportunity to experience the Portuguese products, please follow the “#TALES OF PORTUGAL Portuguese story" topic activity on social media platforms.


[All Images via aicep Portugal Global]