Alipay Uses Awesome Graphics to Show How Much You Spent Last Year

This year, Alipay is back at it, with arguably better graphics, yet still the same jaw-dropping bill.

2020-01-13 11:58:13
US Embassy in Beijing Issues Alert Due to Middle East Tensions

The notice encourages US citizens to keep a low profile, be cognizant of their surrounds, reassess personal security plans and stay alert in tourist areas.

2020-01-13 11:54:38
Is Billie Eilish Coming to China?

It looks like American singer Billie Eilish is bringing her Where Do We Go? tour to Shanghai on August 25.

2020-01-13 11:47:46
Cigarette Smoking Is Decreasing in China, Provincial Data Shows

Coastal provinces have made progress, while inland provinces are struggling.

2020-01-10 11:48:00
China Bans Foreign Textbooks at Primary & Middle Schools

Textbooks imported from foreign countries will be banned at primary and middle schools across China, according to new regulations.

2020-01-08 16:32:08
Mystery Pneumonia Cases Rise to 59 in China

The pneumonia outbreak has yet to be identified, however the health commission has ruled out a link to SARS.

2020-01-08 15:12:06
Sign Up Now to Volunteer with Stepping Stones in 2020

Volunteer your time with this worthwhile cause!

2020-01-07 17:58:03
Hand in Hand International Children's Music Festival Tickets On Sale Now

Hand in Hand International Children’s Music Festival is China’s premier international music festival meant for the whole family.

2019-12-18 10:24:58
Nominations Now Open for Our 10th Annual Sports Awards

Think you have a contender?

2019-12-12 19:29:15
Shanghai Disney Resort Will Change Ticket Prices in 2020

You'll likely be paying a little bit more to visit the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ starting in June.

2019-12-12 11:38:50