Enjoying Shanghai Street Food Safely

By , 2014-07-15 07:06:00

Whether you’re traveling to Shanghai with the family for the first time, or planning to live here permanently, knowing how to keep the family well fed and healthy can be a juggling task.

With a plethora of street food available every time you step out the door, it’s almost impossible not to indulge in some local delicacies from time to time.

Here are some street-smart tips you can follow to enjoy street food in China, and save you from having a bad experience:

  1. No matter where you travel there are different bacteria in the air and water which can result in headaches, nausea and lack of energy, so expect to feel different for the first 1-2 weeks of living in a new country.
  2. Always choose street food/cafés that look busy (a bustling food place is always a good sign the food is fresh and delicious).
  3. Make sure they cook your food on the spot (avoid grabbing noodles or rice that are already pre-packaged on display).
  4. Washing hands regularly is the best way to fight off any bugs you may have been in contact with (also disinfectant wipes and antibacterial gel is fantastic when you’re on the road).
  5. Keeping hydrated is the key to feeling healthy! (also make sure you replace drink bottles regularly as mould can build up causing nasty unwanted sickness).
  6. If trouble arises, seek help at local pharmacies who will be able to give you over the counter nausea and diarrhoea medication.

Enjoy your time in China and don’t let your fear of getting sick stop you from enjoying the wonderful foods this country has to offer!