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The Urban Family Shanghai 2019 Home & School Guide is Out Now!

The 2019 edition of the Urban Family Shanghai Home & School Guide Shanghai is out now – paper-and-ink-form citywide and also in digital pdf-form.

19 Nov 19:09
Game Over: China Announces Online Gaming Curfew for Minors

The new rules target gamers under 18 years old, restricting them from playing online games between 10pm and 8am.

19 Nov 16:04
China Cracks Down on Illegal School Buses Amid Safety Concerns

On November 11, the Ministry of Education announced that it will impose more severe punishments on anyone operating illegal school buses.

19 Nov 14:23
Shake Shack's 1st Pudong Location is Open Now

The beloved burger brand's finally crossed the Huangpu.

18 Nov 19:15
Here’s What China is Doing to Tackle Air Pollution This Winter

An action plan released by the government on Tuesday highlights new measures that China is taking to control air pollution in time for the holidays.

18 Nov 19:10
Brr… It's Going to Be Really Cold in Shanghai This Week

Expect strong winds and scattered showers today with a low of 5 degrees Celsius.

18 Nov 13:34
Here’s How to Add Your International Credit Card on WeChat

The announcement is exciting news for international travelers and businesspeople looking to avoid handling cash when possible.

15 Nov 13:53
Where to Celebrate Halloween 2019 in Shanghai

The best places to party in Shanghai this Halloween.

22 Oct 13:28
5 Banana-based Ice Cream Recipes that You Can Make at Home

These whole fruit frozen treats can be whipped up in your Shanghai kitchen.

12 Aug 11:40
The Ultimate Guide to FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 in China

Basketball fans in the Middle Kingdom are in for a real treat.

07 Aug 07:05
The Definitive Guide to Using the Fapiao System on WeChat

The easiest way to grab your fapiaos.

09 Jul 03:30