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HK Focus Media / full 2019-08-13

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HK Focus Media is a multi-media company based in top-tier cities across China, with a comprehensive portfolio of products from print magazines, city and national websites, mobile and tablet apps, strong social media presence, as well as regular supplements. Deeply connected with the local market and culture, we have been in business in China for more than 20 years.

Contact Information


631 Jiangning Lu, Building 6, Rooms 407-8, Shanghai, China


1. During the planning of the Chinese version of the website, work closely with the local marketing team and the digital product team to develop product position and direction, determine the content structure of the website, and formulate content schedule to ensure that the website is launched on time.
2. Develop weekly editorial plans and update contents regularly.
3. Collaborate seamlessly with the English editorial team to write or translate the bilingual content with right product direction.
4. Work with the business team to directly participate in advertoiral content writing with professional standards.
5. Actively participate in all kinds of business-related activities as well as guide and assist the marketing promotion.
6. Seek to content collaborate with other popular platforms to build product awareness and expand the audience.


1. Be familiar with the lifestyles of high-end Chinese and China expat families as well as the education system of Chinese international schools and bilingual schools.
2. More than 5 years Chinese writing and editing experience, with good bilingual communication skills as well as adapt to work in the bilingual environment
3. Pay attention to the high-end Chinese families and the lifestyle of China expat, have strong sense of market and new media products trends
4. Excellent communication skills and teamwork spirit, with strong team leadership
5. Love the media industry, can fully participate in and pursue the common development of the company and individual career
6. Priority in news industry or parent-child product resources or contacts
7. Bachelor or above degree in Chinese or journalism or related field, preferably in media or communication field , fluent in English