We Used a Reusable Period Cup for a Week. Here’s Our Thoughts

By Rakini Bergundy, 2019-10-12 13:52:35

You’ve probably heard of period or menstrual cups before and felt squeamish yet also genuinely intrigued. Yes, so were we. We had the awesome opportunity to test out a period cup (RMB245.90) by Luuna Naturals, Asia’s first female-led period care company. 

Image via @luuna.naturals/Instagram

First off, the cup has many wins for your well-being, wallet and the world. It’s made from 100% medical-grade silicone (which means no nasty chemicals), can be used for up to five years (eco-friendly) and is very convenient to use (set it and forget it until nighttime, depending on flow). Not to mention, for every cup sold, Luuna donates one to fight period poverty in Hong Kong through Free Periods HK

Let’s dive into the actual review, below are some raw and honest takeaways from the first-hand experience. 

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First impressions: the rubber is quite firm and not as thin as imagined. No odors from the material, a quality product. 

Preparation: You’re instructed to boil the cup in hot water for 5-10 minutes. Would the rubber melt? I proceeded to submerge the cup in boiling water for 10 minutes to ensure proper sterilization, then took out the perfectly intact cup and let it cool completely.

During: Probably the toughest part was inserting the cup the first couple times. There’s definitely a learning curve with it – once you have the angle right, all goes well and you actually don’t feel anything once inside! The first day I was a bit nervous about ‘losing’ the cup or if the seal would come loose. All in all, I was pretty amazed at how I didn’t have to worry about my period the whole day plus there were no leaks!

Removal: If you exhale and relax its much easier to take the cup out. Seeing the contents is a very fascinating, interesting experience. 

Verdict: This cup is honestly a game-changer if you’re at home and know when you’re expecting your period. It’s not as easy to handle and clean in a public bathroom since you do want to be extra sanitary as you’re reusing the product. In those cases I would carry a tampon around. Overall, I’ve been cup converted. 

For more FAQs on the product, click here

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