A Quick and Dirty Guide to China's Ski Areas

By That's, 2019-01-18 08:35:00

Below, we present five great places to ski in China.

1. Chongli (Hebei)

Image via @paulifrim/Instagram

Why Go: Some of China’s best slopes, in easy striking distance of Beijing.
Slopes: Vary. Everything from easy to difficult.
Facilities: Top-notch. Thaiwoo has multiple high-end hotels operating at the base of its slopes; Wanlong Ski Resort has been known to throw music festivals. 

2. Yabuli (Heilongjiang) 

Image via Wikimedia

Why Go:To hit up the Harbin Ice Festival afterward. 
Slopes: Passable. 
Facilities: Average. Yabuli is one of China’s longest-running ski areas… but that also means it’s less than modern. 

3. Beidahu (Jilin) 

Image via Wikimedia

Why Go: Arguably the best snow in China. 
Slopes: High-quality. 
Facilities: As tricked-out as Dongbei gets. Wanda’s Changbaishan International Ski Resort is in the style of an Alpine ski town, and a Club Med offers all-food-and-booze-inclusive packages. 

4. Guangzhou (seriously)

Image via Tencent News

Why Go: You’re in South China; you’re curious about what an ‘indoor ski resort’ looks like.
Slopes: In a temperature-controlled building; slated to open in 2019.
Facilities: Under construction. 

5. Beijing

Image via That’s

Why Go: You live in Beijing. 
Slopes: Mild. The ones in Nanshan aren’t thrilling, but they aren’t awful either – bonus points for being an easy daytrip. 
Facilities: Average. But hey – at least you can be downtown with a craft beer in your hand in an hour.

This article was originally published on February 13, 2018. It has been updated and republished on January 18, 2019.

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