Expect Rain and Thunder All Week Long in Shanghai

By Yuzhou Hu, 2019-07-01 16:13:05

The plum rain season has started to reveal its real power, and you can expect downpours all week long, reports Shine.

The rainy conditions started over the weekend. The precipitation in downtown districts reached 127.9 millimeters, which was the highest in China. In some areas, the rain was so heavy that roads flooded. Some drivers even remarked that they felt like they were driving boats.

Image via Kankanews
 Image via NetEase

The rainstorm continues to impact the city today. Around 9.15am, the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau even triggered a yellow alert for lightning, predicting thunder activity over the following six hours. A great number of civilians were caught off guard by the sudden rainfall. Many were either stuck in Metro stations or forced to take a taxi to work so that they wouldn’t get soaked.

According to the bureau, the continuous rainfall is due to the ‘train affect,’ which means different thundercloud clusters pass through the same spot in a short time, which can be compared to the idea of different carriages of a train driving on the same track.

There is rain in the forecast virtually every day this week. On some days, the showers will also be accompanied by thunderstorms. Thanks to the continuous rainfall, the temperatures for the following days will stay below 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Don’t expect the rain to go away anytime soon. According to The Weather Channel, the wet weather will continue through next week.

“Did someone throw the sun away as garbage?” one of netizen jokes. “I wonder which type of trash it is.”

Image via The Weather Channel

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