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By Urban Family, 2020-08-24 16:22:14

by William Schaffner, MD, medical director at the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) and professor of preventive medicine and infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, encourages everyone to get an annual flu vaccine as soon as it is available.

Dr. Sun Tieying, Professor of Respiratory Medicine and Director of IM Department of Beijing Hospital, said that many patients were found to be co-infected with the COVID-19 and influenza in Wuhan. Entering the flu season, it is very likely that we will face a dual epidemic situation of new crown virus and flu.

The early symptoms of new coronary pneumonia and influenza are similar, including fever, fatigue, and cough, which also means that the difficulty and time of clinically differentiating the two diseases will increase.

There is currently no safe or effective vaccine for COVID-19, while influenza can be prevented by vaccination.

Trivalent Flu Vaccine

For adults and children (≥36 months)

Quadrivalent Flu Vaccine

For adults and children (≥36 months)

Pediatric Flu Vaccine

For infant and toddler (6-36 months)

*It is recommended to call in advance to inquire about the flu vaccination for the children under the age of three.

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Who should get the flu vaccine?
China CDC recommend children, those with asthma, heart disease, diabetes, low immune system, pregnant women and those in close contact with children.

What are the side effects?
Influenza vaccines are made from inactivated viruses. Mild side effects, such as nausea, drowsiness, headache, muscle pain and chills, may disappear within a few days.

Is it necessary to get the flu vaccine every year?
Influenza viruses are constantly changing, and each year's influenza vaccine targets different types of viruses. Although a vaccine cannot prevent all influenza, it is the best way to prevent influenza.

Why can you still catch a cold after getting the flu vaccine?
After vaccination, it takes about two weeks for the vaccine to work. After vaccination, if you may still catch a cold, but the symptoms will be much milder. 

Terms & Conditions

  1. The price includes the cost of flu shot and injection.

  2. If the customer cancels the pre-purchased influenza vaccination service due to personal reasons, Shanghai Yosemite Clinic will not provide a refund.

In the event of Force Majeure where Shanghai Yosemite Clinic is unable to provide this influenza vaccination service, all bookings will be automatically cancelled and customers will receive a full refund.

Family Medicine at Yosemite

Family doctors will spend time listening to your history and getting to know you and your family and, over time, will follow your medical history, from annual health checks to acute illnesses like seasonal flu, as well as any health concerns that require ongoing monitoring and medical management. The family doctors will also refer you to a medical specialist if needed to add specific expertise, and will then communicate with the specialist to ensure ongoing treatment. 

The general practitioners of Yosemite have received extensive professional training, making them good at managing all kinds of chronic diseases and acute illnesses. They can provide comprehensive treatment and adhere to the development of personalized health records for each customer, so that doctors during the entire treatment process can get a quick overview of your overall situation and family history.

The Family Medicine Department provides you with health check-ups, management of chronic diseases including their prevention, and screening methods of tumors associated with a high morbidity, among other support. A general practitioner is a lifelong guardian of health for you and your family.

Pediatrics at Yosemite

Pediatricians at Yosemite are highly qualified and experienced professionals who adore working with children. They are available to see your children both for routine Developmental/Well Checks, as well as when they are unwell or sick. They are available to discuss any concerns you have and support you in the ongoing care of your children.


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