Apply Now for the 2022 Jiahui Health Scholar Program

By urban family, 2022-05-30 18:51:02

Jiahui Health Scholar Program

With the summer break fast approaching, so too is the 2022 Jiahui Health Scholar Program - giving high school students interested in the medical field the opportunity to make the most of their summer break. 

By immersing themselves in the hospital environment, Jiahui Health Scholars have the chance to gain practical experience, shadow healthcare professionals, get career advice from senior staff, and so much more. 

High school students can apply now for the 2022 Jiahui Health Scholar Program.


What is the Jiahui Health Scholar Program?

Career choices are made early in life and high school students are faced with many questions when it comes to choosing the career path that they wish to pursue in the future. 

At Jiahui Health, they believe that getting first-hand experience in the field of interest is the best way to enable students to make informed decisions about their future studies and career paths.

For students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare, Jiahui Health offers the exclusive opportunity to complete a 2-week Health Scholar Program at Jiahui International Hospital. Working alongside and shadowing their team of international healthcare professionals, students will be able to experience different departments within a healthcare institution and gain an understanding of how they interact in order to deliver excellent patient care.


Why join the Jiahui Health Scholar Program?


#1. Many medical, nursing and other health-related college programs prefer or require clinical experience, giving a distinct advantage to applicants who have participated in hands-on programs.

#2. The Health Scholar Program allows students to shadow Jiahui Health professionals and experience how the clinical and administrative teams work together to deliver first-class care to patients.

#3. This program will help students to get a first-hand impression of what working in the medical field is like and will support them in their decision-making process about the career path they wish to take.

#4. Lunch sessions with senior clinical staff to get insights into their work and obtain first-hand career advice.

#5. Practical, hands-on workshops to acquire basic medical skills.

#6. The student from each program round with the highest rating from physician leaders, will receive a letter of recommendation for their college application from a US board certified physician.


Program Overview


  • Target audience:

High school students.

  • Costs:

Free (Similar programs in the US charge approx. USD 3,000 or more.)

  • Availability:

There will be a total of 3 program rounds taking place during July and August 2022. 


A maximum of 15 health scholars per program round are accepted. Candidates will be chosen based on their application, their interest in healthcare and their interview performance.

Please note: participation in the orientation day is compulsory and the students are required to complete the orientation in the company of one of their parents. The orientation takes place on the Saturday before the program start and lasts from 9am to 2pm approximately.


  • Duration:

Scholars will complete the program in two weeks with a commitment of five, 8-hour shifts per week.

  • Departments:

This year, the Health Scholar program will be offering an even wider selection of medical departments for the scholars to experience. Scholars can choose 3 out of the following departments and will rotate between them:


    Cardiovascular Medicine


    Family Medicine



    Medical Imaging

    Nutrition and Dietetics


    Orthopedics & Sports Medicine





Admission Process

Please note that Jiahui Health anticipates that everything will return to normal in time for the 2022 Jiahui Health Scholar Program in July. However, the final decision on whether the program will be run will be based on the pandemic prevention and control measures in place at that time. 

Their ultimate priority is to ensure the health and safety of everyone. They sincerely thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


  • Eligibility:

Students must be studying at accredited high schools at the time of application. There is no pre-requisite course requirement.

  • Application steps:

Step 1: Application submission

Step 2: Online interview (If application is successful)

Step 3: Orientation day

Step 4: Program kick-off

  • Interview process:

Interviews will be carried out between late June and early July 2022 online (successful candidates will be informed of the exact dates in due time after their application submission).   

There will only be one interview round, candidates will be notified within 3 to 4 working days after the interview whether they have been accepted into the program.



How to apply

Your application needs to be submitted using Jiahui's online application form. Due to the essay portion of the application, it is suggested that you complete the application via your desktop or laptop computer. 

To do so, simply copy paste the link below into your computer's browser:


The deadline for applications is June 19, 2022. 

If you experience any issues accessing the application form, please send an email to


If you would like to complete the application on your mobile phone, please scan the QR code below.