Driving to Dapeng? You May Need to RSVP, Here's How

Before escaping to the beach this holiday weekend, register your vehicle – or face a RMB300 fine.

2018-04-26 04:15:00
Tencent Finally Launches Its Answer to Google Docs, Here's How to Use It

Game changer! Tencent has finally launched its long-awaited collaborative document platform to rival Google Docs: Tencent Docs.

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8 of South China's Best Craft Beers

A look at our region's diverse craft beers.

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How to Order a Custom Oil Painting in Shenzhen's Dafen Village

A step-by-step guide on getting your very own masterpiece.

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3 Urban Walks to Fill an Afternoon in Singapore

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4 Sweet Spots for Matcha Desserts in Shenzhen

Dessert shops for those fond of Japanese flavors.

2018-02-23 06:10:00
Here's How to Skip Airport Lines in China with a Z Visa

Hooray! Foreigners with valid Z visas can now use the E-Channel to skip immigration queues at the airport. Find out how to do it.

2018-02-22 02:55:00
Where to Dine and Drink for CNY 2018 in Shenzhen

Where to savor the start of the Chinese New Year.

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Lost Your Chinese Bank Card? Here's How to Replace It

So your Chinese bank card has been lost or stolen. Here's what to do next.

2018-02-11 16:25:00
Sights to See on Guangzhou's New Metro Line 13

Last month, we set off to explore some of the notable and newly accessible sites along the freshly minted Line 13.

2018-02-09 05:40:00