Distinct Clinic (Qianhai)

AddressRm. 2201, International West Coast Commerical Building, 19 Haixiu Lu, Bao'an District 

Phone8661 8266

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Distinct Clinic (Qianhai) Description

Medical Services

Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Gynecology and Family Medicine

Common colds, headaches, sinusitis, allergies, acute bronchitis, diabetes, hypertension, upset stomach, bladder infection, chronic kidney disease etc

Emergency Support and Referral to Specialists

Arranging hospital admittance and referring patients to specialists in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Beijing

Examination and Laboratory Tests

Infant vision test, electrocardiography, ultrasound scan, CT scan (conduct in affiliated hospitals), complete blood count, renal and liver function, lipid profile, cancer marker etc

Nursing and Other Services

Aerosol therapy, injection, home nursing etc. 

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