Shanghai Little Bridge School

Address669 Haike Lu, by Jinke Lu

Phone3857 4999

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Shanghai Little Bridge School Description

SLBS belongs to the Pinghe Education Group. The school's management staff and core teachers are appointed by the Pinghe Education Group. With Pinghe's support, the Little Bridge has inherited twenty years' worth of experience in managing schools and been able to integrate a large set of advanced international educational concepts, aiming to build a bridge to future education and cultivate lifelong learners with passion, sense of purpose and the desire to take initiative.

At Shanghai Little Bridge School, the curriculum is the sum of student's life on campus. All the experiences the children have in school, including what they see, hear, taste, hear and feel, are all part of the curriculum. This broad sense of what a curriculum can mean includes four primary dimensions: the campus environment, the language system, the subject-based classrooms and pedagogical research. The campus environment motivates children with an atmosphere of free exploration. The language system precisely expresses our values and training objectives. The subject-based classrooms emphasize borderless, inquiry-based learning. Pedagogical research will ensure the professional and iterative development of the curriculum.

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