Dehong Chinese International School Shanghai

Address1935 Shuguang Lu, Maqiao, by Guanghua Lu

Phone3329 9499 / 3329 9450

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Dehong Chinese International School Shanghai Description

Dehong’s elementary, middle and high school curricula have been developed by Chinese and international education experts and aim to prepare our students for the 21st century world. The Dehong Chinese International School curriculum is a well-balanced programme following the Shanghai curriculum’s strong focus on the study of Chinese language, heritage, literature and history. The academic structure is further extended through a student-centred pedagogy, developed with Chinese and DCI academics, that encourages independent learning and a global outlook. Dehong will incorporate activities such as sport, music, debate and performing arts into its Qidi Inspiration course.

Elementary School includes Grade 1 to 5 (ages 6 to 11) and encourages students to discover, question and explore. Individual characters are developed whilst cultivating empathy.

Middle School includes Grade 6 to 9 (ages 11 to 15) and offers a national standard curriculum enhanced with an international education philosophy and approach.

High School includes Grade 10 to 12 (ages 15 to 18) offering an international high school course customised for Dehong students to prepare them for world-leading universities.



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