Japanese Woman Attacked and Bitten by Fierce Dog in Shanghai

By Yuzhou Hu, 2019-07-17 14:52:53

A Japanese woman was attacked and injured by a pet dog last week, reports Shine.

The incident took place at around 6pm. The woman was strolling with her daughter on Gumei Xi Lu of Minhang district when they were suddenly attacked by a Rottweiler. Although the pet’s owner attempted to pull the canine away using its leash, the dog continued its attack. 

Image via 宣克炅/WeChat

The woman was immediately sent to a nearby hospital. She suffered multiple bite marks on her left arm, with the longest one measuring 10 centimeters. “Thankfully, the dog only bit me and did not attack my daughter,” the woman said. “I raised dogs as well when I lived in Japan. My house was quite large and the canine had plenty of space to scamper around. However, I highly doubt a small apartment in Shanghai could satisfy the nature of dogs.”

The Rottweiler’s owner was fined RMB200 (USD29.06) for not muzzling his pet in public. Furthermore, the canine was taken away from the owner since Rottweilers belong to the 21 breeds which are prohibited in Shanghai. Nonetheless, the owner insisted that his furry friend was legally registered. The case is still under investigation and authorities are figuring out how the owner managed to obtain a dog license for a banned breed.

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Once again, the incident incited another heated debate on whether or not people should be able to keep large breeds of dogs in the city.

“If the city has the ability to pull off garbage sorting, then it should be able to manage the canines of the city and execute related regulations as well,” commented one netizen.

As the temperature gets higher and higher, the frequency of dog-related incidents also elevates. According to Kankanews, on July 14 alone, a hospital in Shanghai received nearly 350 patients who were injured by dogs. Some were even attacked by their own pets.

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