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Application to Wellington's Academic Scholarship Programme is now open for pupils entering year 9 and above in the academic year starting August 2020.

2020-04-14 16:12:02
‘Slut Shaming’ and Other Taboo Topics Discussed in New Documentary from Shanghai Student

How do views towards ‘slut shaming’ differ between cultures? A student at local international school recently decided to take a deep dive into that taboo topic in a new documentary.

2020-01-22 11:51:00
17 New Coronavirus Cases Reported in China

Three of the cases are reported in critically ill while the rest are in a stable condition.

2020-01-19 15:39:35
China's GDP Growth Slows to Lowest Rate in 29 Years

Last year’s GDP growth managed to hit the Central Government’s target range of between 6-6.5%, set out in early 2019.

2020-01-17 17:21:49
Second Death Confirmed in China’s Pneumonia Outbreak

The 69-year-old patient was also from Wuhan.

2020-01-17 16:42:33
Around Town: Shanghai School News December 2019

What's been going on in the world of education.

2020-01-17 16:40:16
Watch Out for Pickpocketing and Other Scams Over CNY

Be careful of pickpocketing and other petty crimes during the Lunar New Year in China.

2020-01-17 15:48:48
It’s Going to Be Cold and Wet in Shanghai Over Chinese New Year

Have your umbrellas and winter coats at the ready because it's shaping up to be a wet and cold holiday.

2020-01-17 15:33:37
Chinese People Spend Almost 2 Days a Week on Their Mobile Phones

Despite the growing usage rate of smartphones in China, people are still aware it’s a problem.

2020-01-15 10:21:37
One Confirmed Dead in China’s Pneumonia Outbreak

The deceased patient, a 61-year-old man, died on Thursday night of severe pneumonia.

2020-01-15 10:09:30