Shanghai Water Park Suspends Operations After Visitors Fall Sick

Several visitors exhibited symptoms including coughing, dizziness, vomiting and sore throat while playing in the pool

2019-06-25 06:18:45
Sign Your Kids Up for Club Med's Amazing International Summer Camp

A fun and educational summer camp for your kids!

2019-06-25 01:44:27
5-Year-Old Girl Severely Shocked By Metal Pole in Beijing Mall

Thankfully, the girl survived and only suffered electric burns.

2019-06-24 06:43:31
Young Girl Severely Injured by Falling Object in Nanjing

Another life-threatening incident this month took place that involved a falling object from a tall building.

2019-06-21 07:29:41
You Can Now Be Fined for Throwing Leftover Food in Public Bins

Anyone who is caught breaking the new rule will be fined RMB50-200

2019-06-21 05:51:41
Shanghai Restaurants Will No Longer Supply Plastic Dinnerware

Shanghai is getting more and more serious about reducing the amount of waste the city creates.

2019-06-20 06:08:47
Shanghai Releases Annual Pass for Major Museums and Galleries

Great news for all museums lovers

2019-06-19 06:07:03
Classical Chinese Poetry Illustration Contest: Online Voting Is Now Open

The online voting for the first Illustration Contest for Classical Chinese Poetry, sponsored by Jiahui International Hospital is now open to the public.

2019-06-19 05:17:29
Here's When China's First Costco Will Open in Shanghai

Mark your calendars!

2019-06-19 01:39:25
Science and Natural History Museums Now Sell All Tickets Online

Both museums no longer sell paper tickets from now on

2019-06-18 07:48:55